Cross Country Clinic

Terms and Conditions:


1. By signing the consent form, you are signing to agree to the Cross Country Code of Conduct as follows


2. Riders will bring a bike that is suitable for MTB riding, bikes must have working brakes, no lose parts and must NOT have have holes in grip ends revealling the bars.


3. Riders MUST be dressed appropriately for the weather, if it's under 16degrees, we cover up so please no bare skin. Coaching sessions involve riding and talking so we don't want anyone getting cold, even if it's only your muscles.


4. Riders must be self sufficent for food and drink, we reccomend 1x 500ml bottle per hour and 1 cereal bar, sandwich, banana etc every 45mins. Remember, this is a coaching session so save your dosh, no need for gels!


5. Riders must carry as a minimum, 1x spare inner tube, mini pump or CO2 and multi-tool, don't worry if you're not sure how to do or use any of it, we'll help, we just can't carry enough for all eventualities!


6, Swearing isn't neccessary, we're there for fun and it may be offensive to some, it also doesn't sound great from dog walkers, horese riders etc.


7. Please DO NOT LITTER!  If it comes out of a pocket or back pack, then put it back in when done with!


8. Be minful of others on the session. You may have been riding for years and be exerienced, it may be their first time, lets all help eachother.


9. Please smile - it shows you're enjoying yourself!

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