Notes from the Clinic

This is the page that will give you the coaches notes from the Cross Country & Single Track Clinics.


Each one will help to give you self help treatment

Tyres are changing!  So here’s a thought, within the next 10yrs, the standard XC tyre for racing will be 2.4” - 2.6” wide.

With the #XCRACING now upon us, just thought I'd share some thoughts regarding #alines in races. 

So, how many times have you asked “what pressures are you running?” Probably a few or if not actually asked, you’ve thought it. I have. What does it matter and why?

You’ve trained for the season ahead, you're in top condition and the bike is shiny, only for something to happen and all that physical prep is wasted as you’ve not bothered to prepare for mechanical failure.

We all forget the basic as riders, working on power, speed and such like. For this set of notes, we're stripping back the basics (and more advanced) of cornering

With the XC National Championships not too far away, we look at how to prepare for a major race. 


Now that you've got your prep right, here's an insight to our reccomendations on what to do over the race weekend

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