Event Architecture

If you're not sure what it is, think of an architect associated with buildings or structures.  The client gives a brief of what is needed, where, when, budget etc. then the architect comes up with the vision and model and once agreed ensures that the right experts are in place to deliver the event.   It's more than being an event organiser!


We do and will organise events.  They range from organising one of our own, to working with key partners to manage their or your event.


If you're interesting in finding out about events we're running please scroll down and read on!


Upcoming Events

London 2 Paris - Off Road

A four day ride mixing woodland trails, gravel tracks, alongside rivers, through valleys and finishing in Paris. Accommodation, guiding, bed & breakfast all included.

London 2 Paris - Road

Following a classic route, with rolling roads and wonderful scenery this is an experience that all cyclists should experience.

Tailored to meet your groups needs, with accommodation and bed & breakfast included.

Your next adeventure!

Event Architecture is our thing!


Do you want an event for charity or corporate team building? Pine sport can help design the event around your specific needs.


We have years of experience in designing, planning and delivering multi-day events in road, MTB and track.

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