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To simplify things, we are moving all of our off road coaching to the MTB Clinic side of Pine Sport


Running clinics for Cross Country racing, generic skills coaching (Single track clinics) and gravity based riding (MTB Gravity clinics) was getting difficult for riders and becoming more time consuming for us meaning less time to do what you do best and thats coach!


The new website is live - click the logo!

  • Do you want to get the most from you trail riding?
  • Need confidence in tackling varied terrain and surfaces?
  • Missing that last element in your racing?
  • New to XC or Enduro Racing and need help with skills?
  • Need extra physical sessions to help?


Great news!


The MTB Clinic is here to HELP!


The sessions are 2-4hrs and focus on your specific needs or if you're new and not sure what you need then we'll cover the basics so we can identify areas that need most work.


We run sessions in the Surrey Hills area along with Queen Elizabeth Country Park, just south of Petersfield but can on request, travel to you.


Please ensure that you or the riders attending are dressed appropriately for the weather; you should always have a rain jacket when training and wear gloves - if it's under 16deg. We cover up for training meaning leg & arm warmers for milder conditions and jackets, thermal tights for when it's colder.


You will also need snacks and drinks for 3hrs; we reccomend 1x 500ml bottle per hour along with a cereal bar / banana etc every 45mins.



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